One thought on “Contact Information


    Here’s an email I just sent the manufacturer:

    Hi gang,

    Luvin’ the product, and I’m sure you thought long and hard about economical packaging, but I would estimate 15% of the product in a recently purchased 7.2 oz container ended up in tiny pieces at the bottom, and many other crackers were broken as well.

    It’s a long, bumpy road from Princeton to Carson City 😟.

    And no doubt you will be rethinking your “serving size” in line with revised FDA Nutrition Facts labeling. 10 crackers/serving? Good luck eating only ten. Too good!

    Best wishes.

    From IPad: Steve Waclo
    1171 Bandtail Drive
    Carson City, NV 89701
    775 883 7927

    Also, could not vote on the link provided. Not iPad friendly?

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