REVIEW: Tyrrell’s – Honey Roast Ham & Cranberry Hand Cooked Potato Chips

Rating: ©© -3/4 chips  (tolerable)


Chip Review always shows appreciation for a new creative flavor combination, but in this case we just can’t fully get behind this bag of chips.  Tyrrell’s hand cooked potato chips, for the most part, are usually a well crafted product. Normally producing a high quality hand cooked potato chip with a creative artisan flavor, but this time, pardon our language, they “screwed the pooch”!

We love the idea of a holiday themed flavor.  And we know this combination can be a winner, at least in real life, with the actual product that the flavor is based on.  I mean who doesn’t associate the flavors of ham and cranberry with the warm cozy feelings of being home for the holidays???  So…..where did these chips go wrong???  Flavor execution, is what we think.  The ham is overly salted, with only a little bit of smoke and none of the richness, or umami, that certain “pork flavored” chips are able to convey.  And, as far as cranberry goes….we did not taste any….zip.

As always Chip Review suggests you give them a taste for yourselves, but don’t say we didn’t warn you…..

Chip Ratings Scale:

(1/4 increments)

© return to sender

©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

©©©©©“A” list

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