REVIEW: Rold Gold – Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Nuggets

Rating: ©©-1/2 chips  (tolerable)


Rold Gold’s Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Nuggets were introduced at the same time as two other new Rold Gold products – Everything Bagel Pretzel Rings (decent) and Cinnamon Raisin Braided Pretzel Twists (amazing) – and honestly Chip Review feels that the Cheesy Garlic Nuggets are the least successful of the three.  Others might disagree with our evaluation, but as always we stand firm behind our opinion…..

Take for instance Junk Food Guy’s stand on this product: Junk Food Guy – Rold Gold Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Nuggets

JFG gives a very good assessment of Rold Gold’s Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Nuggets, and Chip Review must admit that we too are huge fans of garlic cheese bread, however where our opinions seem to differ lies in the texture of these pretzel’s.  Chip Review feels that these nuggets were extremely dry and lost any and all pretzel flavor.  They reminded us of the dry bread sticks you find at salad bars sometimes.  In turn this dryness was so overwhelming that the we were chewing on garlic sawdust and the cheese aspect was completely lost.

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Let us know.

Chip Ratings Scale:

(1/4 increments)

© return to sender

©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

©©©©©“A” list


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