REVIEW: El Sabroso – Baja Limon – Spicy Chile & Lime Tortilla Chips

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El Sabroso’s brand of chips the most part seems to be targeted at the Latino community, especially with the release of their most recent flavor, chile & lime – a wonderful classic Latino combination of flavors.  With a name like El Sabroso (meaning flavorful in Spanish), we expected nothing less than tortilla chips coated with seasoning and packed with flavor.  And did these chips deliver….?

Well, the chips were definitely packed with flavor, but that flavor was so unnaturally recognizable, that Chip Review was not a huge fan of them.  How El Sabroso can go from one end of the spectrum (all natural, delicious tortilla chips), to such a radically different end of the spectrum (bright red, irregular, manufactured tortilla chips) we just don’t know.  The bright red flavoring on these chips reminded us of the ‘Flamin’ Hot’ line of Frito Lay products, but unlike those snacks, we expected a more natural flavoring from El Sabroso.

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9 thoughts on “REVIEW: El Sabroso – Baja Limon – Spicy Chile & Lime Tortilla Chips

    • Thanks for the comment Bianca. It’s always awesome when you find a chip that you instantly love!! What are some of your other favorite chips? Have you tried many spicy chips? If not, make sure to check out our Hot/Spicy flavor section – there are so many spicy chips out there!!

  1. Had these chips for the first time with a friend today. It was the best decision we’ve made in the 99 cents store we were in. It gave us so much chips for so little and it as pretty great. Now I want more.

  2. Maybe I just got a bad bag, but the ones I tried were absurdly sour! I like the taste of lime juice. Unfortunately, these didn’t taste like lime juice. What they tasted like was way too damn much citric acid. I could probably bite directly into a lime and not pucker like these things made me do!

  3. Since I seen it was 1 dollar I thought they was going to be nasty but rite on the first bite I fell in love but overall there my favorite ships now

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