REVIEW: Cheetos Crunchy – Flamin’ Hot

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These are the ones that paved the spicy trail for Chip Review.  We are pretty sure that everyone who likes chips out there knows that Cheetos original Crunchy are a flawless classic within the chip industry; so when Cheetos made the decision to take their original product and change it all up, we weren’t sure what we would be getting…..

Well, as it turns out, what Cheetos gave us was an even more impeccably fantastic, tongue tingling, guilty pleasure for Chip Review, and what we suspect is at least half of the population on Earth!  A pioneer product that paved the way for so many other brands to give the spicy cheese snack a shot too.  If we had to make a bet as to the top 1 or 2 selling chips in the entire country we would most certainly include Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on that short list!

To try and describe “spicy” or “heat” accurately to someone else is kind of difficult.  Sweats, tingling, shortness of breath….pain even…..well, besides a bit of the pain, we don’t really get any of those common characteristics with these Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.  What we really experience when we crunch into this snack is an unnatural acidic tongue shock.  “Well that sure sounds appealing….” you may be saying to yourselves.  Before you jump to any conclusions, let us just say that it actually is quite appealing.  While these Cheetos might not be the cheesiest of products out there (in fact, compared to other “hot” cheese curls/puffs they definitely are not), they do have the classic Cheetos Crunchy crunch, along with their bright red, undeniably spicy, onion and garlic duo, and plain old irresistible combination!

There may in fact be no more perfect snack out there on the market today than Cheetos Flamin’ Hot.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you can’t stop eating them.  These addictive little crunchies leave your fingertips as bright red as the Cheetos themselves.

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