REVIEW: Dakota Style – Dill Pickle Kettle Potato Chips

Rating: ©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)


As we sat down to taste these latest chips, we thought just for a second that maybe it’s unfair of us to review Dakota Style’s Dill Pickle chips so soon after reviewing Larry The Cable Guy’s lip-smacking Fried Dill Pickle Tater Chips.  But then…..we thought about it a little bit more, and realized that that’s what we do here at Chip Review.  If we aren’t judging chips against other chips, what are we judging them against?  How can we be sure that something is really good or bad, unless we compare it to other like things?  Most importantly, how would our opinions and reviews be any different then Joe Schmo’s (who’s favorite chips are Lay’s Original Potato……) if it weren’t for our vast research of trying and comparing as many different chips as we can?

So, as you probably already guessed it from our segue above, our overall opinion of Dakota Style’s Dill Pickle chips was not that high.  To be honest, we thought we were eating salt & vinegar chips, which is to say, simply pickled chips.  We did not really taste any recognizable dill weed flavor on these chips whatsoever, especially when compared to such a ‘dill-y’ chip as Larry The Cable Guys.  While there were some green dots of some sort sporadically covering the slightly greasy kettle cooked potato chips, these dots seemed to be there strictly for visual enhancement purposes, as the only real flavors we got from these chips were salt and vinegar.

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Let us know.

Chip provided to Chip Review from Dakota Style Chips for review

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Dakota Style – Dill Pickle Kettle Potato Chips

  1. Kendra, thanks for the comment. Are we safe in assuming that your boss is either connected to Dakota Style Chips in some way, or a fan of these chips then? We would love to hear any further comments, or opinions. Like we always say, this is just our opinion (often it is based only a limited sample, so if that sample is not the best example of the product, our opinion may not reflect the actual quality of the product, but we completely stand by our review regarding the product we tasted).

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