REVIEW: Pretzel Pete – Garlic & Cheese Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)


Pretzel Pete’s Garlic & Cheese Nuggets are very similar to Rold Gold’s Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Nuggets in theory, but that is as far as the comparisons go in our opinion.  Chip Review must admit that we are huge fans of garlic cheese bread (come on who isn’t?), and combining those wonderful flavors with a pretzel, what can go wrong?  Well, in the case of Rold Gold’s execution of this combo – a lot; but Pretzel Pete seems to have made the recipe work rather well.

These pretzel nuggets have an amazingly pungent raw garlic powder flavor to them – the kind that sticks with you for hours to come.  Juxtaposing this strong garlic aroma is a creamy buttermilk & Parmesan cheese dusting, that sports a nice funky cheese smell.  This classic flavor combination compliments the pretzel nuggets very nicely.  We think this flavor combo works much better with pretzels than a lot of other seasonings do.

Our one gripe with Pretzel Pete’s nuggets is that they do not have that rich and fatty mouth feel that Snyder’s of Hanover’s pretzel pieces are able to achieve.  Texturally these nuggets are a bit dry with a soft crunch, and structurally they are lacking on their supposed wide split down the length of them normally allowing for more maximum flavor absorption.   As far as green flakes of parsley – we’re not seeing any – let alone tasting anything over the powerful garlic.  All that aside, we could munch on these all day, and feel confident against vampires in the night…

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Let us know.

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One thought on “REVIEW: Pretzel Pete – Garlic & Cheese Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets

  1. Thankyou for so much information and it seems you really do your homework! If we were going to have a chip / pretzel at our Bar, that is affordable do you have a reccommendation? Is there availability in Northern Mn also? Thanks Reva

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