REVIEW: Zapp’s – VooDoo, Original Cajun Kettle Recipe Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)


According to Zapp’s Potato Chips:

“Voodoo flavor is a result of an accident. An employee was moving a pallet of spices off the top shelf, and dropped it. While cleaning it up, someone stuck their finger into the mixture of about 5 flavors and pronounced it great.”

Well (cute story), that explains how this wonderfully tangy flavor combination came to be, but what about the decision to call it “VooDoo”?  We’re not quite sure about this one…..

You really have to taste these chips to understand the circus of flavors they have going on.  Right off the bat our tongues were hit with a pungent zing of zippy vinegar, that completely caught us off guard.  Next, came a sugary sweetness that blended well with the vinegar’s acidity.  Followed by a bit of heat from some unidentifiable chili pepper.  Not too much heat, just enough of a fresh spike to let us know that it’s there.  Finally, we tasted some tomato flavor, which mellowed and rounded everything out very nicely.  All said and done, if we had to compare this flavor combination to something, we’d have to say it reminds us of a southeast vinegar based barbeque sauce.

As far as the potato chips themselves go, Zapp’s knows what they’re doing.   Their Cajun Kettle Recipe makes for some really good, crunchy, semi-thick potato chips, that we could crunch on all day.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chip Ratings Scale:

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©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Zapp’s – VooDoo, Original Cajun Kettle Recipe Potato Chips

  1. I’ve heard that the Voodoo chips can be a toss-up from bag to bag, so maybe I just got a bad toss when I tried these–they were basically all vinegar. Total let-down after hearing all the hype!!

    • @ Anon – thanks for the comment. Yeah, we could see that being the case – luck of the draw. Give them another shot. We finally found the VooDoo Heat chips the other day.

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