REVIEW: Ruffles – Sour Cream ‘N Bacon

Rating: ©©©©-3/4 chips  (lip-smacking)


These Ruffles found their way to us, courtesy of Chip Review’s great friend LRH, all the way from our friendly neighbors to the North.

Sour Cream N’ Bacon? Unique flavor combination for sure.  Is this flavor combo common, or perhaps popular, in Canada?  We don’t know the answer to that one (yet), but we do know two things for sure…  First, we’ve never heard of this flavor combination before, and second, we hope it’s not the last time we do…

When we crunched into these chips we were instantly hit with a ton of smoky-meaty flavoring.  In fact, someone here at Chip Review compared the initial flavor to Bac-Os bacon bits (remember those?), and said that one taste of these chips sent them straight down memory lane.  After a few seconds our mouths did begin to detect a slight creaminess, along with hints of cheese???  Could the cheese seasoning be why these chips are colored orange?  And, what exactly cheese flavoring is doing among these ingredients, again not quite sure??  The cheese seasoning does add a smoothness to the overall flavor, but we never really got any of the sour with our cream.  Finally, the whole flavor is rounded out with a really nice touch of sweet brown sugar.  The hint of sweetness reminds us once again that we are enjoying some bacon chips!

We can say without any hesitation that we wish this flavor was available on our local shelves, but until that day comes we’re just going to have to use these chips as a good excuse to plan a trip to Canada!

By the way, these tasty meat flavored chips were so good that they secured themselves a position on Chip Review’s Top 5 Meat Flavored Chips.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ruffles – Sour Cream ‘N Bacon

  1. It’s certainly not an odd flavor combination if you are a frequent eater of the delicious appetizer: potato skins! Cheese, bacon and sour cream make the world go round! gosh, I want some of these!

    • @ littlelostsunny – thanks for the comment. You are right about potato skins, but we’re talking about the combination of just bacon and sour cream – that was a new one to us!

  2. Decided to try something new. Unfortunately, this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. Doesn’t even taste like bacon. Definitely the worst chip flavor I ever had.

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