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Herr’s – Sloppy Joe Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)


Here at Chip Review we understand that there are countless different variations for the classic sloppy joe sandwich recipe.  Some recipes include ketchup, some use bbq sauce, others use mustard, worchestershire, or maple syrup, and some, we’ve heard, even use cream of mushroom soup?!?  Of course, as with many popular classics, the ingredients and recipes can vary as much by region, as it can by our own grandmothers…..

Herr’s recipe for sloppy joes, does not remind us of the one we grew up eating in the Midwest.  What we knew was loose ground beef simmered forever in a thick, super-sweet, heavy tomato and light mustard sauce.  Herr’s grandma’s recipe appears to include a dash, or 5, too many of salt!  The salt simple overpowers all of the other flavors.  In fact, what is left once you get past the salt blizzard is a fairly muddled and unconvincing combination of flavors.  There is of course some tomato flavor present, and a bit of sweetness (most likely from the molasses), but these are definitely not as sweet as we thought they would be….

What it comes down to is plain and simple: If we tasted these chips without knowing that they are supposed to be Sloppy Joe flavored, would we describe them as Sloppy Joe?  Our answer is unequivocally: NO.

What we do like about these chips are Herr’s standard wide rippled, semi-thick, potato chips.  The potato flavor is even able to come through a little bit despite the overwhelming salt presence.  And like we’ve said before, we must give praise to Herr’s for pushing the flavor boundaries over and over again.

Finally, can we just point out how extremely vivid and realistic the photo of the sloppy joe sandwich is on the front of this bag of chips.  Sorry, not quite sure why that matters at all?!?

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know make sure to let us know.  And, for a couple of other opinions on these chips, check out our friends at:

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