REVIEW: Pringles – Limited Time Only Lime & Black Pepper

Rating: ©©-1/2 chips  (tolerable)

Pringles Limited Time Only - Lime & Black Pepper


Not one of our favorite Pringles by any means, but not for lack of flavor execution.

The chips exhibited that fake, acidic, lime sour that when overdone (as in this case) we just hate.  The lime seasoning on these Pringles reminded us of the recently reviewed Lay’s Que Rico Limon Crisps, which we described as “… a joke how unnaturally sour they are.  Everyone who tried one of these chips at Chip Review puckered their lips, and called them absurdly sour.  But, limes are sour you say….?  Yes, we understand that, but the acidic sour zing that these crisps possessed did not taste so much like fresh, citrus-y limes,  so much as they tasted like tongue-tingling, sweet and sour candy…..simply unnatural, and un-tasty.”  This type of lime seasoning makes us appreciate chip companies like Laurel Hill and Food Should Taste Good’s decisions to use natural lime juice or flavor, even though it may be a bit too subtle for our taste buds at times.

The saving grace with these chips may be the addition of black pepper.  A simple, and light, dusting of pepper powder sprinkled on each crisp helped just a tiny bit to distract us from the acidic barrage that Pringles exposed us to.  Still, that being said, we don’t even necessarily love the combination of lime and black pepper, and especially not on potato crisps (better suited for corn tortilla chips).

But, like we’ve said so many times before, regardless of our opinion, props must be given to Pringles for continually putting out more new flavors than any other chips on the market, and keeping our mouths busy!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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