REVIEW: Pringles Limited Time Only! – Salsa de Chile Habanero

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Pringles Limited Time Only! - Salsa de Chile Habanero


Finally, after much searcing, we landed some of these illusive (in our books at least) Limited Time Only! Pringles Salsa de Chile Habanero.  We had been looking for these crisps ever since we first laid our eyes on the other two Chile-inspired limited edition flavors by Pringles (Chile y Limon & Chile con Queso), and came to find out that there were actually three Chile-inspired flavors – thanks to our friends over at Junk Food Guy and Fat Guy Food Blog.  And that third flavor just happen to include the Habanero chile – our favorite of all chiles – so, needless to say our anticipation for these crisps had been peaked for some time…

So…could these Salsa de Chile Habanero Pringles live up to all of the hype we had built them up to in our minds?  Sadly, NO.  That’s not to say that they are bad by any means, it’s just that after tasting the magnificint Chile con Queso crisps, we thought Pringles was onto something really special – a flavor revolution, but alas, these crisps fell into the convoluted, mish-mash, flavor pit that far too many of Pringles flavors do.

We love habanero flavor here, and we are most definitely not afraid of some spicy heat on our chips, but both of those components are lacking a bit on these crisps.  In fact, if we didn’t already know what flavor these crisps were supposed to be representing, we probably would have thought we were eating some savory, slightly spicy, bbq flavored crisps.  They have a little sour zing up front, lots of onion and tomato powder, plenty of salty MSG, and it is all finished off with a little bit of “Habanero” heat at the end.  The flavors all work together, but offer us nothing new or exemplary, and definitely don’t remind us of any great Habanero Salsa that we’ve ever tasted.

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Let us know.

Chip Ratings Scale:

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© return to sender

©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

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