REVIEW: Dale Jr Foods – Crispy Original Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips (notable)

Dale Jr Foods - Crispy Original Potato Chips


What’s more American than Nascar?!?  You could definitely present us with fair arguments for baseball, cheeseburgers, or barbecue, but we’re fairly certain that on a great percentage of lists, Nascar racing would be included most of the time.  At the top of our American shortlist would be potato chips (duh)!  So, what do you get when you combine two great American classics?  Well, Dale Jr Foods Crispy Original Potato Chips OF COURSE!!!

As far as we can tell, you are witnessing a potato chip exclusive right now.  If we are incorrect, please let us know, but according to our limited internet search capabilities, we here at Chip Review are the first ones to taste, and review, Dale Jr Food’s potato chips!!  We know what you’re thinking.  And yes, we have, we will, and we always do……

First, Barrel O’ Fun gave us Larry The Cable Guy’s Tater Chips, and as much as we wanted to laugh at the thought, and dismiss the chips as a clever marketing gimmick, in the end we had to show props to BOF and Larry for giving us some very solid tater chips.  And, so far, the same can be said for BOF and Dale Jr.’s products.

We have been on a “plain” potato chip terror as of late, reviewing everything from the original potato chips to potato “crisps” from our friends across the big pond. We have been truly amazed by how different “plain” potato chips can actually taste from one manufacturer to the next.  As for Dale Jr Foods Crispy Originals, these are straightforward, perfectly acceptable, tasty and simple.  Plenty of large, unbroken, light and crispy potato chips.  They exhibit a good potato flavor, are appropriately salted, and are a little bit heftier than the typical thin cut potato chip.  Similar to how we described Charle’s Chips, we would enjoy Dale Jr.’s Crispy Originals as a side kick to our meal, but we’re not going to sit down and crunch through a whole bag the same way we do with so many seasoned chips…..but that’s just us.

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Chip provided to Chip Review from Barrel O’ Fun Snacks for review

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