REVIEW: Salveo – Original Sea Salt Tater Pops

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips (notable)

Salveo - Original Sea Salt Tater Chips


A little while back we reviewed a couple of Salveo’s other popped chip flavors – the first, Cinnamon & Sugar Sweet Potato Tater Pops were a big hit with many of us at Chip Review, while the others, Peppercorn Ranch Tater Pops, were predominantly revered by most.  We have a few more adventurous Salveo flavors coming up on the horizon, but for today, in keeping with our recent traditional/plain/salted potato chip theme (craze), we will be reviewing Salveo’s popped contribution to the game.

Salveo is Latin for “In Good Health”, and their tater pops are yet another addition to the world of “nutritious” popped chips.  For the most part, we tend to dislike many of the popped genre’s yield, and even the ones that we do like, we probably won’t be searching out for future consumption.  We’re fairly certain that these are the first, “plain” potato popped chips that we have tasted and reviewed, and we definitely can appreciate the textural difference from all of the regular potato chips we’ve been trying lately.  Like we’ve already said in our other Salveo reviews, these popped chips are much denser, thinner and crispier than any other popped chips we’ve tried.  These are more like chips, where as some popped chips, are actually more like puffy cakes.

Two things immediately stood out about the flavor – 1) these taste like burnt potato chips!  Not sure if that is how they are meant to be, and what Salveo was going for, but everyone agreed that they tasted well done (similar to Better Made’s Rainbow Dark Potato Chips, if you’ve ever had those.)  And, we actually like the flavor, it’s different, it’s rich, but at the same time also overwhelming to try and enjoy too many of them.  Which brings us to – 2) HELLO SALT!  Welcome to saltville (which isn’t really a real place, but if it was, we’d probably consider living there)!!  If you have blood pressure issues, or are sodium intolerant, then set the bag down and step away slowly.  We “pride” ourselves as salt lovers at Chip Review, but even for us, some of these tater pops just had too much sea salt on them.  We could only enjoy a few chips before having to look for some water.

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Chip provided to Chip Review from Barrel O’ Fun Snacks for review

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