REVIEW: Lay’s – Do Us a Flavor Finalist – Cheesy Garlic Bread Potato Chips

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At long last, the finalists for Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ contest have finally arrived!!! To chip fanatics such as us it seems like forever ago that Lay’s first announced the chance at a million dollars for creating a new potato chip flavor for them. We know that you are probably wondering if we submitted any flavor ideas to Lay’s, and the answer to that is, “of course!” Exactly how Lay’s had the nerve to pass on our ideas for Peanut Butter & Bacon, or Poutine flavored potato chips, we’re not sure…

Actually, we do know how, and it’s because Lay’s opted for a trio of more main stream, or at least u(sa)niversally palatable, flavors; albeit, relatively creative ones, that if executed effectively, could result in some genre stretching surprises, and highlights, within the industry!!

As you’ve probably already read, we were most excited to try the Chicken & Waffle flavored potato chips, simply because the flavor combo was definitely the most original, and most out-there (we wondered if it could actually be done?).  We figured that the Sriracha flavored potato chips were the shoe in for our favorites, because it’s a proven fact that we here at Chip Review like hot flavored potato chips, we are also huge fans of Sriracha Chili Sauce, and it seemed like the easiest flavor to successfully execute.  Lastly, to be completely honest, we were definitely the least excited to try these Cheesy Garlic Bread potato chips.  How original, and how much of a stretch are garlic cheese flavored potato chips?  In fact, who hasn’t tried some type of garlic & cheese variation of chips before (Parmesan & Garlic anyone)?

We are happy to reveal that Lay’s Cheesy Garlic Bread potato chips are really good!  A nearly flawless example of the flavor description.  In fact, so spot-on that we’re willing to bet that a large percentage of people could identify, and actually name the flavor, in a blind taste test.

Similar to the Chicken & Waffle chips, the appearance of these Cheesy Garlic Bread chips is appealing right off the bat.  The chips are large, unbroken, and definitely thicker, and more naturally rustic than traditional Lay’s potato chips.  The inside of the bag glows with warmth from the golden sun color of the chips.  The chips could probably use a bit more color contrast, maybe a pop of green from some minced herbs scattered throughout (similar to the herbs covering the cheesy garlic bread on the front of the bag).

Flavor wise, these chips have a certain level of delicious, fatty, richness to them, and we’re guessing that comes from the use of five different cheeses, as well as, cream among the ingredients.  The five cheese blend – Cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss, Monterey Jack and Gouda – most definitely adds a lovely depth to the chips, and places them among the cheesiest we have ever tasted.  The garlic is upfront and powerful.  You will undoubtedly be tasting garlic for hours after consuming these chips (so vampires beware).  Together, the garlic and cheese combine to create the American household comfort food staple that we all know and love!

Have we mentioned how pleased we are with this ‘Do Us a Flavor’ contest so far?!?  This is the best thing to happen to the chip industry since kettle chips became popular!!!  Here’s hoping that Lay’s makes this an annual occurrence!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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