REVIEW: Sun Chips – Sweet & Spicy BBQ

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Sun Chips - Sweet & Spicy BBQ


We are fairly certain that Sun Chips were the very first multigrain chips we can remember ever seeing and tasting.  Their unique multigrain chip texture and shape was so unlike anything we had ever crunched prior that we knew Frito Lay really had given us something truly special, and was going to have this new line on the market for many years to come.

Well, we were right, Sun Chips have been around for a long time now, and they have put out many, many great flavors.  Certain flavors seem to work better with the multigrain chips than others, and we hate to sound a bit like a broken record around these parts, but we are not the biggest fans of overly sweet, one-note, barbecue flavored chips, and this flavor definitely does not work very well with Sun Chips.  While Sun Chips Sweet & Spicy BBQ chips may not necessarily be one note, because there is both sweet and heat, the sweet most certainly out weighs the heat, and the flavors are just too muddled and foggy.  This barbecue seasoning does not inhibit the complex flavor-layers that the great barbecue seasonings do.

In the end, we are nearly 100 percent certain that Frito Lay has already used a very similar iteration of this flavor before on these chips, and these chips, and while we didn’t necessarily like this flavor on those chips all too much either, we really do not think this flavor jives well with Sun Chips naturally sweet multigrain chips.  Plain and simple, we don’t feel that this flavor deserves to be coating Sun Chips, and the only saving grace of these chips is that they are Sun Chips!

For another perspective on these Sun Chips check out the Impulsive Buy.

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