REVIEW: Charles Chips – Barbeque Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips (notable)

Charles Chips - Barbeque Potato Chips


A few weeks back we reviewed Charles Chips Classic Original Potato Chips, and we thought they were decent enough.  We explained how they were a relatively recently reincarnated and released line of some classic potato chips from the past.  According to their website:

“In 1942, Effie Musser was making a batch of her delicious potato chips in her small rural Pennsylvania kitchen and had a great idea. Si, her husband and farmer by trade, was having difficulties raising enough money to keep them afloat, so she thought of a way to create some additional income. Effie realized that she might be able to take these favorite family treats to the famous Central Market located in Penn Square in historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania and maybe sell a few bags…. Soon, the word got out about these amazing potato chips and Effie couldn’t keep up with the demand. Then, a snack distributor from Baltimore, MD contracted Effie for her to deliver her chips in bulk to him. He repacked the bulk chips into his branded tin can and renamed them Charles Chips after Charles St. in downtown Baltimore…..”

Well, just like with the Original Potato Chips, these Barbecue flavored ones did not arrive in their classic Charles Chips tin.  We kind of wish they would have though, because we’re not quite sure what happened to this bag of chips, but either the delivery service employee was having a bad day, or he/she was holding a grudge against Charles Chips.   The end result was a potato chip bag that consisted primarily of potato chip crumbs and flakes.  We couldn’t find a single whole chip among the bunch, in fact, we were forced to hand-shovel the crumbs into our mouths.

All crumbs aside, these chips are of medium thickness, a little greasy, and (obviously) a bit more crumbly than crispy.  The flavoring is more of a standard, sweet-sweet BBQ flavor.  It was very flavorful, but not very cohesive – with the chips, and itself.  Some chips seem like the flavor and the chip are one (and sometimes they are), but with these it felt like the seasoning was clinging to the chips for dear life.  The same thing can be said for the barbeque seasoning as we could taste each of the flavor components separately – salt, lots of sugar/honey, tomato, onion and garlic.

So, in the end, these are all right BBQ chips – not the greatest, nor the worst.

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Chip provided to Chip Review from Candy Galaxy for review

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