REVIEW: Pringles – Sour Cream & Onion

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips (lip-smacking)

Pringles - Sour Cream & Onion


Iconic.  Classic.  Throwback.  Old School.  There are so many ways of describing Pringles timeless Sour Cream & Onion crisps.  Each time we enjoy a can, it brings so many memories flooding back for many of us at Chip Review; and we’re betting that we’re not the only ones.  Most of us here at Chip Review were pretty young when Pringles entered into our lives.  Oh, those glorious, unique potato crisps, arrived on the scene with their uniform-scooped shape, and their handy-dandy canister (definitely a game changer).

We’re pretty sure we don’t have to describe Pringles Sour Cream & Onion to the majority of you.  If you have been alive for more than ten years (minutes), and living in the U.S. (anywhere), then you’ve more than likely, at one point or another, tasted these super popular potato crisps.  Well, just in case, you are among those three people who haven’t tasted Pringles Sour Cream & Onion yet we would describe them as such: classically great!!  The creamy, white powder coating exudes a smooth, and tangy, and salty flavor that melds very well with the crunchy potato crisps.  The onion aspect is mild, in fact, there are none of the typical green, onion-representing, specs that are normally found on sour cream and onion chips.

Plain and simple, these are a classic for us, and probably many of you.  What are some of your other classics?

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pringles – Sour Cream & Onion

  1. We have these in the UK, definitely one of the best flavours! I brought some Ranch flavoured Pringles back from the USA last year and I found that they tasted exactly the same as these.

    • Ranch is a great flavor too. We’ve never eaten both sour cream & onion and ranch Pringles at the same time, but might now!!! Usually ranch includes some strong garlic notes, but maybe Pringles just go with lots of sour cream again….
      Thanks for the comment

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