REVIEW: Pan De Oro – Red, White & Blue Tortilla Chips

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Pan de Oro - Red, White & Blue Tortilla Chips


Pan de Oro – “bread of gold”.  However, in this case the “bread” appears to be made of precious stones – rubies, sapphires and diamonds, rather than precious metals.

Pan de Oro’s Red, White & Blue Tortilla Chips are among the minority of chips in the market today, that even without them indicating that their chips are all natural on the packaging, we could tell with just one bite.  This patriotic bag filled with bright red (using beet juice to color the chips), blue (natural corn color), and white (natural corn color) colored tortilla chips could make any Fourth of July party proud.  These chips proudly carry just about every healthy label that one chip can support.

As far as “plain” tortilla chips go, you can’t do much better than Pan de Oro’s.  Semi-thick cut tortilla chips, but not very dense, more of a crispy, and airy crunch.  You can definitely taste the difference in the quality of corn being used, and the cooking technique.  A wonderful rich masa earthiness that seems to pop with toasty baked flavor, nearly verging on being “burnt” – in a nutty good way.  The salt level is spot on, and simply compliments the chips rather than overpowering them.  Probably the best compliment we can give these “plain” tortilla chips is that they taste great, and we loved eating them, on their own.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review from Pan de Oro for review

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