REVIEW: Monster Munch – Flamin’ Hot

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips (lip-smacking)

Monster Munch - Flamin' Hot


Here is another unique (weird) U.K. snack for us to enjoy (very much so), and ponder over (all of the delicious weirdness).  Monster Munch, similar to Space Raiders, are part of a wholly different genre of puffed corn snack really unlike anything we have seen in our U.S. market today.  Like we previously told you, the vast majority of our U.S. puffed corn snacks always seem to be covered with cheese based seasoning (the two are practically synonymous with one another).

The Monster Munch’s shape, we believe, are supposed to mimic the spooky blue monster head that graces the front of their packaging.  However, without the goofy blue monster adorned on the package we would definitely think that the snacks were supposed to represent fat hands!!  Kids must really get a kick out of these, which of course means that many of us here at Chip Review (who are often described as children), also loved their fun shape!

We were so happy to see these included amidst the great selection from our bud Josh at Crisp Nation. Mainly because we’ve wanted to give them a bite ever since they received a perfect 10/10 score from @Crisps365!!

As suspected, these are very tasty.  Very, very tasty.  So tasty in fact, that we have two words for you all: Doo! Dads!!!  Huh, what??  No, we are not quoting Fred Flintstone.  We said, “Doo Dads, not Yabba Dabba Do”.  We may be dating ourselves a little bit here, but the last couple of snack eating generations have grown up with the good old Chex Mix snack mix.  However, for any of you out there growing up in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s then maybe you, like us, grew up with the good(er), and old(er) Doo Dads.  Doo Dads were the Chex Mix, before Chex Mix, was even Chex Mix.  Most importantly, Doo Dads were such a big staple, and played such a big part of our earlier childhood lives, that they will forever hold a giant tasty spot in our heart.

So, what exactly do Doo Dads have to do with Monster Munch?  Well, Monster Munch’s flavor profiles are very similar to what we remember on Doo Dads.  First, and foremost, is the Worcestershire sauce, providing a strong, rich and salty, umami presence.  Next, comes a wave of sweet and sour notes with a hint of garlic.  Closely followed by the lovely inclusion of celery salt, always a welcome addition to any recipe.  And that is about as far as the similarities between Doo Dads and Monster munch go, but for us, it was far enough to make us love them!!  Monster Munch also includes a mild chili heat, not enough to warrant the Flamin’ Hot declaration in our books, but maybe the U.K.’s heat levels differ from ours? One last interesting ingredient inclusion is that of mustard oil?!?  The mustard oil imparts a pungent, nasal-y burn to the Munch, that melds very well with the other flavors.  All in all, just a great array of flavors!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Monster Munch provided to Chip Review from our good friend Josh at Crisp Nation

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