REVIEW: Doritos Locos Tacos – Cool Ranch & Crunchy Taco

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips (notable)

Doritos Locos Tacos - Cool Ranch


These chips, just like their Nacho Cheese counterparts, make absolutely no sense to us.  In fact, our feelings towards this version of the Locos Tacos series are so similar to our feelings towards the Nacho Cheese version, that we feel obliged to tell you that for the most part, you will be reading the exact same review as before.  However, as you may, or may not have noticed, this Cool Ranch version has received a slightly higher rating than the Nacho Cheese version; and this is simply due to the undeniable fact that Cool Ranch Doritos are hands-down better chips than Nacho Cheese Doritos!

Despite this version being the better of the two, we still have so many problems on so many different levels with these chips, that we don’t really have the slightest clue as where to begin.  Let’s just keep this plain and simple, and say that the rating of ‘notable’ in this instance may actually be a bit of a stretch, and that we are simply giving it  to them because, well, they are Doritos, and regardless of how many issues we have them, they still taste pretty darn good (especially if you separate the two flavored chips from one another, and enjoy them each on their own).

It all began one day when Taco Bell called up Doritos (or Doritos called up Taco Bell, we’re not sure) and pitched the idea of offering a taco using a Doritos Nacho Cheese tortilla chip as the taco shell.  Thus, Doritos Nacho Cheese Locos Tacos were born, and they were an inspired notion.  In fact, since we are not avid consumers of Taco Bell, we only tried these thanks to a thoughtful coworker, who felt that anyone who refers to themselves as chip lovers should probably try these Taco Bell Locos Tacos (for the sake of research of course), and who was kind enough to bring us back a few.  Well, you know what?  The taco-chip hybrids actually tasted pretty good, and definitely better than we can remember any regular taco from Taco Bell ever tasting.

Next, the taco eating masses spoke up and demanded that a taco be made using the great Cool Ranch Doritos.  Well, Taco Bell obliged, and the people were happy (but to tell you the truth, although we feel like we may be in the minority, we preferred the Nacho Cheese tacos better than the Cool Ranch.  Shhh, please don’t tell).  However, it was then Doritos who decided to take the taco-chip-concept one step further (one step too far in our opinion), and released the Doritos Locos Tacos Nacho Cheese & Crunchy Taco Tortilla Chips, and the Doritos Locos Tacos Cool Ranch & Crunchy Taco Tortilla Chips.  These are Doritos that taste like Taco Bell Locos Tacos which taco shells that taste like Doritos Tortilla Chips.……mind-boggling!

The chips themselves are not what we have our problems with.  Par for the course, these Doritos tortilla chips are light, crispy and thoroughly coated with liberal amounts of seasoning – in this case two different blends of seasoning.  The first half of the Locos Tacos equation, are the iconic, and delicious, Cool Ranch flavored chips.  There really is not much we should have to say to you about these.  They are classics.  They are timeless.  They are garlicky, and creamy, and salty, and colorful, and good.  If for some unbelievable reason you have never tasted Cool Ranch Doritos then stop reading immediately, crawl out from beneath that rock you have been living under, and go purchase yourself a bag at any store, pretty much any where, enough said.

The other half of the Locos Tacos Doritos are the Crunchy Taco flavored tortilla chips.  Crunchy Tacos?  Lets hope so, they are chips after all.  If you were expecting to taste the taco powder seasoning chips found in the definitive, bright orange Doritos Taco bag, think again.  These taco flavored chips reminded us a lot more of the short lived Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight version.  With these chips, Doritos has tried to recreate the entire taco experience, and hit all of the ingredients and flavor notes that make up a real taco (lettuce included).  And for the most part they do a fine job.

So what is our big problem with these chips then?!?  Well, similar to a recent review we did for Snyder’s of Hanover’s Flavor Doubles, it all comes down to the simple fact that the sum of the two chips, is not greater than the individual chips themselves.  We seem to see an unwelcome trend forming in this chip industry, where brands are either getting lazy, or think that they can combine two of their current products, re-package them with some clever title, and make us believe that we will be tasting something revolutionary, or at the very least better.  As Marvo from the Impulsive Buy points out in his review of the Doritos Locos Tacos, this actually may not necessarily be Doritos first attempt, at colliding two products together, lets just hope that it is their last!!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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