REVIEW: Aggie’s – Cinnamon Broken Pretzels

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Aggie's - Cinnamon Broken Pretzels


We love to chime in for the little guys.  Those companies that get started in the basement, or garage, or mother’s house.  Those family owned companies that exude their heart, soul, blood and tears in their creations, often times, regardless of actual product execution.  Aggie’s Broken Pretzels, is one of those little companies, started by two guys named Bob, located in the Chicago area.  The other day we happily stumbled upon Aggie’s Cinnamon Broken Pretzels in the snack aisle of a small family owned grocery store, and were quite surprised that we hadn’t seen them before now.

It appears as though Aggie’s has taken a stylish hint from one of the big boys in the game (Snyder’s of Hanover), and opted for the rustic, broken, pretzel parts method.  We have gushed over this technique numerous times before, but it is certainly worth pointing out that this method provides optimal porous, bread-y, flavor soaking pretzel square inch-age.  We also used to hypothesize that this snack was created out of resourcefulness.  We thought that possibly these companies simply use their broken leftover pieces to create these tasty bites.  As it turns out, apparently Aggie’s uses a slightly different technique.

Aggie’s Cinnamon Broken Pretzels are rich, and sweet, and sort of egg-y, and butter-y, and very reminiscent of delicious vanilla and cinnamon french toast.  The only thing really keeping these pretzels from being head-over-heels, completely amazing, is a lack of salt.  If only these were coated with the large salt crystals that hard pretzels are traditionally coated with, then they could have even given our favorite Cinnamon Pretzel Crisps, a run for their money.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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