REVIEW: Ruffles Ultimate – Tangy Honey Mustard Potato Chips

Rating: ©©© chips  (notable)

Ruffles Ultimate - Tangy Honey Mustard


Does everyone remember the old catch phrase “Ruffles have Ridges”?  Well, with Ruffles Ultimate line of potato chips they are definitely delivering on that promise, and holding nothing back.  In fact, these potato chips have the deepest, most wavy ridges that Chip Review can ever remember having.  Careful, these ripples are so deep that your tongue could possibly get lost in their potato chip canyons!

Similar to the first two Ruffles Ultimate chip flavors that debuted a while ago now, these Tangy Honey Mustard chips most definitely do not skimp on the seasoning.  However, if we are being completely honest here, we did not like these nearly as much as the Kickin’ Jalapeno Ranch or the Sweet & Smokin’ BBQ flavors.

The reason for our aversion towards this flavor has much more to do with flavor integration than it does with execution, because truth be told these do taste like good honey mustard.  We really appreciate that Ruffles has chosen a more pungent, dark yellow mustard to pair with the honey rather than the far too tame, and mellow bright yellow mustard that most of the U.S. associates with mustard.  Combined with a soft, and not overbearing or cloyingly sweet honey flavor, what results is a tasty honey mustard flavor.

In our opinion, most potato chips are not a very good medium for honey mustard flavor.  Like we said above, we like the flavor, and these Ultimate, thicker and crunchier potato chips are great to crunch on, but the combination does not work well at all.  There is a reason why pretzels are always served with mustard.  A pretzel’s hearty, sourdough body is able to counterbalance the powerful honey mustard flavor, but the docile potato chips are too meek of a vehicle for the flavor, and in our opinion it felt like we were shoveling honey and mustard into our mouths using potato chip spoons.  And maybe some of you would like that, but not us.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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