REVIEW: President’s Choice World of Flavours – Canadian Burger Potato Chips

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President's Choice - World of Flavours Canadian Burger


A little while back we did a chip swap with our friend Dani at The Daily Yum.  We sent her a bag of each of the three ‘Flavor Finalists’ for Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ contest – you can find her opinion of those right here.  In return, we were sent a lovely trio (Moroccan Spice & Smokin’ Stampede, in addition to these) of uniquely flavored potato chips from a local grocery store called President’s Choice.  Apparently, it wasn’t Dani at The Daily Yum, but Mr. Obama himself, who has chosen these chips for us to review!  How exciting!!!

So, what exactly makes a burger into a Canadian Burger?  A Canadian burger includes a grilled beef burger with white cheddar cheese, back bacon and a touch of ketchup.  In case you are not savvy, and up to par, with your Canadian pork products, according to our Canadian sources (which consists of The Daily Yum….of course), back bacon is Peameal or Cornmeal bacon, or what we call Canadian Bacon here in the States.  So, whatever you call it, this Canadian version of bacon uses the much more lean cut of pork loin, instead of the rich, fatty pork belly we are accustom to in the U.S.  Whether or not this is the reason for why we feel these chips were lacking a bit in their flavor depth, we can’t be sure?

The ingredient combination sounded good enough to us, but after tasting only a few chips it was obvious that these chips were unbalanced, and missing some type of acidity/sour ingredient to cut through all of the sweet and fatty flavors.  We feel that the addition of some mustard, or pickle, or any pretty much any type of fresh acid could have really livened these chips up.  Instead, what we tasted were some extremely rich and sweet potato chips.  Rich cheddar cheese and grilled burger flavors, combined with the very sweet ketchup and some rich, sweet and smoky back bacon, all equaled out to be a bit too sweetly-one-sided for our pallets.  The potato chips themselves were medium thick with wide ripples, and a soft and hearty crunch.

It is obvious that President’s Choice Grocery Stores care about creating and offering their clientele unique versions of everyone’s favorite snack foods (chips).  However, it is also apparent that they have not perfected those flavors in our opinion.  Maybe it will be different for the next two President’s Choice flavors we get to try, but let’s just say that the Canadian Burger potato chips are not the best burger flavored chips we have ever tasted, and they will definitely not be making Chip Review’s Top 5 Meat Flavored Chips list any time soon….

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Dani @ The Daily Yum 

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: President’s Choice World of Flavours – Canadian Burger Potato Chips

  1. Thanks for the mention! I find President’s Choice chips are hit or miss in terms of flavour, but they definitely come up with some fun flavours (especially considering here in Canada we don’t have as much variety as you guys do with name-brand chips). They had one before called “Ballpark Hotdog” which I found had very strong pickle/ketchup notes so maybe they tried to play that down on these. I’m curious to see how the other two flavours are!

    • OOoohhh Ballpark Hotdog! Hotdog chips are always great. And the Maple Bacon you mentioned before also sounded great. We are curious and excited for the other two flavors as well!!
      Thanks for the comments.

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