REVIEW: Monster Munch – Roast Beef

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Monster Munch - Roast Beef


Monster Munch, similar to other U.K. snacks like Space Raiders, is part of a wholly different genre of crunchy corn puffs unlike anything we have seen in our U.S. market today.  The vast majority of our U.S. puffed corn snacks always seem to be covered with cheese based seasoning (the two are practically synonymous with one another).  However, apparently the U.K. is perfectly fine coating their puffed corn with everything from Pickled Onion to Roast Beef!

In our initial Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch review, we had told you that we believed that the Monster Munch shape was supposed to mimic that of the spooky monster head that graced the front packaging.  However, upon further examination, the monsters on the front of the packaging look nothing like the snacks, we’re pretty sure that the shapes are actually supposed to mimic big fat monster feet!  Kids must really get a kick out of thes3!!  Get it? Big, fat, monster feet – kick!!

Similar to the Flamin’ Hot, and Pickled Onion Monster Munches, we could swear that we tasted a little bit of Worcestershire sauce among the flavors.  We like Worcestershire sauce, it provides a strong, rich and salty, umami presence.  Which was good, but even more than the Worcestershire sauce, we tasted strong sweet onion flavor.  Which was OK.  However, in the end, what seemed to be missing, was any meaty-beefy flavor.  Which was not good, or OK.  For that reason, we did not like this “Roast Beef” flavored Monster Munch nearly as much as the first two flavors.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Monster Munch provided to Chip Review from our good friend Josh at Crisp Nation

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