REVIEW: Salveo – Buttery Caramel Multigrain Snackin’ Puffs

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Salveo - Buttery Caramel Multigrain Snackin' Puffs


Salveo is the Latin word for “In Good Health”, and Salveo’s Puff are yet another addition to the world of healthier popped chips.  To be completely honest with you, despite all of the tasty popped snacks coming each day, we still seem to hold a slight bias towards this genre, and more often than not we assume that each new popped chip that we taste will not be very good.  Luckily, and to our surprise, Salveo’s Buttery Caramel Multigrain Snackin’ Puffs were actually quite lip-smacking.  In fact, we have been happily surprised with many of Salveo’s popped chips.

Snackin’ Puffs’ texture reminds us of a cross between rice cakes and corn flakes.  The puffs flavor is predominantly corn forward, which compliments and combines well with the buttery caramel seasoning.  Speaking of butter and caramel, were fairly certain that these are the first “chips” we’ve ever tasted with this flavor combination that’s normally used on delicious popcorn.  Everyone at Chip Review was immediately pleasantly surprised with how commanding the buttery caramel flavor was.   Intense, sweet-sweet caramel notes instantly hit our tongues, as they mingled quite nicely with the subtle salty butter seasoning.  Some of the tasters said that the puffs reminded them of eating a slightly salty cereal – minus the milk.  Speaking of salt, if we had one big gripe, it would be that they could use a bit more salt.  The puffs just needed something (salt) to counteract all of the sweetness, and mix-up the monotony.

Overall, we enjoyed these puffs quite a bit, and they are definitely among some of the the better popped “chips” we have tried.  The best part was that we felt so healthy after eating them that we were able to also enjoy some good old fried ones as well!!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Barrel O’Fun for review

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Salveo – Buttery Caramel Multigrain Snackin’ Puffs

  1. best good chip for u I ever had only 60 calories wow got to get them love the flavor from first bite to last was surprised on flavor a lot of heathy chip has low flavor or leave after taste thanks hope to find in a store near me

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