REVIEW: Papas Caseras – Adobadas Kettle Chips

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Papas Caseras - con Salsa Guacamaya Kettle Chips (2)


Adobadas flavored chips seem to be springing up like weeds in a garden right now…….they are everywhere!!!

Adobadas means: in Adobo sauce.

Adobo: is fundamentally a sauce consisting of dried and pureed chiles, with oil and vinegar (sort of similar to a hot sauce), but like so many other sauces, there are countless versions of Adobo throughout the world, with even countless more ingredient options.

A little while back we reviewed Frito Lay’s Sabritas Adobadas Potato Chips, and we feel it is fair to say that to understand Papas Caseras’ version, all one must do is take our flavor description from the Sabritas review, and amplify it by ten-fold.  These chips exude loads of chipotle adobo flavor.  The photo on the potato chip bag above, similar to the Sabritas bag, seems to be showing us some red jalapeno chile peppers (chipotles perhaps?), along with a tomato.  Those two items, combined with a semi-truck full of powerful and zippy acidic lime flavor, pretty much sums up the flavor profile for these chips.  First, we tasted the smoky chiles, then the heat from those chiles exploded our tongues, next the smooth, tangy tomato flavor tried to calm down our taste buds, but they were shocked back into a flavor coma by the citrus-y lime punch.  If you like your chips packed with flavor, you’d be hard-pressed to find more flavorful chips than these.

However, if you, like us, prefer a more well-rounded potato chip, than you may have experienced the same two issues with these chips as we did:

1) If you look closely to the picture above you will note that underneath the adobadas flavor it reads “sweet chile flavor”.  Well, despite all of the flavors and senses these chips encompass, sweet is not among them.  Seriously, we struggled to find any sweetness amongst these chips.

2) These chips have so much seasoning coating them that any hint of potato flavor that these chips may have had, is obliterated by the adobo flavor shock.

Papas Caeras kettle cooked potato chips are an extra-crunchy, medium thickness, better than average kettle chip.  We would be more than happy to find them at our local grocery store….alas, they are currently only available in the Southern California area.  Although, we may not have enjoyed the adobadas flavor quite as much as their serrano flavored chips (de-lic-ious), we still know when we are tasting chips that are better than the majority – and, Papas Caseras are them.

Agree or disagree, we’d love to know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Classic Foods, Inc. for review

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