REVIEW: Popchips – Salsa Tortilla Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

PopChips - Salsa Tortilla Chips


Some of us at Chip Review have rather enjoyed Pop Chips venture into the corn tortilla game, but others still prefer their original popped potato chips.  However, all of us have to admit that the bright, bold, and flashy packaging of these newer popped tortilla chips is definitely better than the original old potato chips.

The same cannot be said for the appearance of the tortilla chips themselves.  In fact, the chips are actually fairly ugly, and do not have any of that classic visually rustic corn tortilla character.  Rather they look preformed, or actually more stamped out from a giant popped corn tortilla chip sheet.  The chips themselves have a certain dryness to them, and they lack a lot of that fried, fatty richness that corn tortilla chips usually absorb.

Luckily, the tortilla chips’ flavor slightly makes up for what it deprives us of in the texture and appearance aspects.  First, and foremost, the corn masa flavor definitely shines above everything else.  The chips are evenly coated with a light scattering of simple and tasty ingredients.  The seasoning blend is relatively simple for a salsa flavor; in fact, we would actually describe it more like a pico de gallo (which technically is a salsa, so…).  Each flavor of this salsa mixture was rather easy to pinpoint.  First, we tasted a little tomato, along with onion, and then lots of garlic, and finished with a touch of chile pepper.  In fact, the seasoning was not very shy with the heat, and our throats definitely were feeling the burn once the bag was empty.

Overall, the salsa chips ranked somewhere among the middle of the Popchips that we have tasted so far.  We neither loved, nor hated them.  However, they definitely do not rank anywhere near the the best salsa flavored chips that we have ever tried.  In fact, stay tuned for our Top 5 Salsa flavored chips list coming very soon!!

For another opinion on Popchips venture into popped tortilla unknown, check out Junk Food Guy’s take on the chip line.

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

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