REVIEW: Aggie’s – Garlic & Onion Broken Pretzels

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Aggie's Broken Pretzels - Garlic & Onion


Like we told you in our first review of Aggie’s Broken Pretzels, we love to chime in for the little guys.  Those companies that get started in the basement, or garage, or mother’s house, or it appears, the basketball court.  Those family owned companies that exude their heart, soul, blood and tears in their creations, often times, regardless of actual product execution.  Aggie’s Broken Pretzels, is one of those little companies, started by two guys named Bob, located in the Chicago area.

It would be nearly impossible to review Aggie’s without comparing them to the big boys in the pretzel game – Snyder’s of Hanover.  Similar to Snyder’s of Hanover’s Pretzel Pieces line of snacks, Aggie’s pretzel are even more rustic, broken, misshaped, pieces of pretzels.  By breaking the salty, hard pretzels into pop-able bite size pieces the pretzels’ porous, bread-y, interior is opened up, allowing for optimal flavor soaking pretzel square inch-age.

Aggie’s Garlic & Onion Broken Pretzels are coated with loads of garlic, onion and salt – we like it!  The flavor combination melds very well with the dense, super crunchy pretzel pieces.  The garlic & onion combination is flavorful, but not too overpowering to completely annihilate all of the great pretzel flavor.  Aggie’s pretzel pieces are definitely hefty, and we love how there is no uniform consistency to their shapes, some of the pieces are tiny and some are nearly too large to fit into our mouths.

If we had one complaint with these Broken Pretzels it would be that they are a little dry.  We would have liked a bit more fatty richness (oil) soaked up into those porous pretzel bits, rounding off the entire flavor profile and experience.  However, those of you who appreciate a little bit healthier snacks over the more fatty-tasty ones, may like the fact that in the end these pretzels aren’t dripping with fatty oil, and are more healthy for it (we however, will always want that extra fat added; FAT = flavor!).

So, if you live in the Chicago area do yourself a favor, and support some local Chicago area entrepreneurs, and try out Aggie’s Broken Pretzels, they could just be that snack you have always been searching for!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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