REVIEW: Pan De Oro – Garlic Herb Tortilla Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Pan de Oro - Garlic Herb Tortilla Chips


Pan de Oro means “bread of gold” in Spanish.  However, in this case, the “bread” appears to have been replaced by pungent garlic, and rustic corn, rather than precious metals.

Pan de Oro’s Garlic & Herb Tortilla Chips, their entire line-up in fact, are among the minority of chips in the market today that without any indication on the packaging, we could have told with one bite that they were all natural.  These chips proudly carry just about every healthy label that one chip can support.

The tortilla chips themselves are semi-thick, but not very dense, with a light and crispy crunch.  One taster described the chips as being almost flaky.  Visually, we could see the herbs scattered throughout the chips, but unfortunately, we could not taste any of the said herbs!

Note to Pan de Oro: “if you are going to flavor tortilla chips, you need to go ALL IN.  Meaning, you can’t just lightly sprinkle some seasoning onto the tortilla chips and expect us to embrace them.  Corn tortilla chips on their own have a lot of flavor; you know this, your tortilla chips are delicious.  On their own, the tortilla chips are earthy, rich and rustic, however if you don’t commit to flavoring them (like for instance: Doritos….they do know how to season), then you are only going to muddle up the natural corn flavor, and in the end just complete a big mess.”

The seasoning really just tastes like raw garlic; actually garlic, and onion powders, and not in a very kind and tasty way. The garlic is a bit harsh, it hits, and burns the backs of our throats, ever before really hitting our taste buds.  However, that is not to say that these chips are bad in any way – they just seem to be indecisive, and on the verge of completely falling apart.  That is, except for the simple fact that they are Pan de Oro tortilla chips – in other words meaning they are tasty!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review from Pan de Oro for review

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