REVIEW: Herr’s – Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Popcorn

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Herr's - Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Popcorn


A handful of years ago, a couple of us here at Chip Review spent an amazing six month long stint in South America; Chile to be exact.  However, not a day went by while living in the southern hemisphere that we did not dream and long for so many of our delicious U.S. salty snacks.  Not that South America didn’t have their own chips available, it was just that the variety and quality didn’t even come close to comparing to the breadth and excellence that we normally have to choose from in the Midwest.  So, what’s the point you ask?  Long story short, the very day we arrived back into the U.S. of A, just happen to be the day that we tasted, in our humble opinion, the worst potato chips we had ever tasted.

What does all of that have to do with Herr’s Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Popcorn?  Well, ‘those worst potato chips of all-time‘ were none other than Herr’s Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Potato Chips!!  The potato chip version of this exact popcorn.  However, we are professionals here, and we went into this review with an open mind, and mouth, and hoped for the best….

Here’s a thought, ‘who out there enjoys chocolate flavored candy bars?  Or, maybe potato flavored chips??  How about beef flavored steak?!?’  All right, we’re sure you get the picture, and if for some reason you have not caught onto where we are going with this…..then maybe you will be the one amazed by Herr’s wonderfully redundant corn flavored popcorn!  That being said, in the end, the fire roasted sweet corn seasoning, did jive much better with Herr’s popcorn, than with their potato chips.

Immediately upon opening the popcorn bag, memories of the Fire Roasted Sweet Corn potato chips came flooding in.  The sweet scent of corn on the cob, mixed with the unnatural scent of fake butter flavor, reminded us exactly of the the potato chips.  One handful of Herr’s light, full-bodied, air popped and extremely crispy popcorn, and we instantly knew that regardless of their similarities, the two snacks of the same flavor, were radically different.  The liberal dusting of flavor consisted of salty fake butter, a rich creamy corn essence, lots of sweet sugar and a very nice black pepper kick that help cut through all of the other flavors.  We wouldn’t necessarily describe this sweet corn as fire roasted, but more like buttered, with salt and pepper.  Can we just mention again how very good these popcorn kernels are.

how this popcorn has only 2g of fat is beyond us…..

in the end our theory is that the potato chip was never meant to taste of corn; that is what corn is for.  We don’t see any potato flavored corn tortilla chips parading around do we?  We’re not saying that we wouldn’t give those a try either!  In the end Herr’s terrific popcorn may actually just work as the perfectly acceptable snack vehicle for this slightly off-putting and unusual flavor. Now that the experiment has taken place, we can all wash hands, and mouths, of this one, and keep on crunching to the next of bag…..

**Also, we should probably give the Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Potato Chips a taste again, just to be certain that they are as bad as we remember them being.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Herr’s Foods, Inc. for review

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