REVIEW: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish – Cheddar Bacon Puffs

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Pepperidge Farm - Cheddar Bacon Puffsf


From the depths of the salty-snack-sea comes the latest wonderfully cheesy venture from everyone’s favorite little golden gill’d swimmers.  Except for this time around Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish have decided to do some laps in the deep end of the pool and try their best at backstroking their way into the cheesy puff industry (which is definitely not easy to do)!

We noticed the other day that someone over at the Impulsive Buy made the comment “bacon can be an assertive flavor and, if not treated with care, will stomp all over your sandwich, maple-glazed doughnut, or, in this case, cheese puff.”  Well, we say that there are too many snacks out there who claim to bring the bacon, and just don’t deliver on the promise.  So as far as treating that bacon with care……

“To pork with that!!!”   Give us BACON!!!  Like that silly dog on tv says “Bacon, bacon, bacon!”  Bring on the smoky, salty, piggy flavor!!  Go pork, or go home. Take us to “Porkapalooza” please!

Luckily for us Mr. Golffish Puff has brought that bacon in full force.  Just one glance over to the ingredients list and it is clear that Pepperidge Farm was not messing around with the promise of delivering on that bacon flavor.  Vegetarians beware, these are not for you.  The ingredients include: dehydrated pork stock, natural smoke flavoring, and bacon flavored pork fat!?!  Let’s repeat that: dehydrated pork stock, natural smoke flavoring, and bacon flavored pork fat!!! Need we say more?!?  Even with all of that porky goodness, we actually thought that the bacon presence was not too overbearing, and integrated rather nicely with the salty cheddar cheese seasoning.  If you like bacon flavored snacks, we’re quite certain that you would most likely enjoy these.

The texture of these Goldfish Puffs is reminiscent of some long lost cheese puffed snack that we consumed quite often during our youth.  We’re talking about the classic Planters Cheese Balls!!  Anyone else out there grow up devouring those perfectly pop-able cheese rounds?  If you loved them, you’re going to love these!  The Goldfish Puff’s texture is slightly dense, and crunchy, with a more toothsome mouth-feel than your typical, light and airy, industry cheese puffs (ie. Cheetos, Herr’s, etc.).  These Puffs are a bit more than double the size of the original Goldfish Crackers, and they are perfect for popping one at a time, or even a handful, into your mouths.  Either way, the bag probably won’t last that long.

Not only do these puffs taste great, but it felt like we also got our daily intake of protein from them as well.  We didn’t quite love them as much as the Buffalo Wing flavor, but still a great puff.

For two different perspectives on these new Goldfish Puffs make sure to check out:

The Impulsive Buy

Junk Food Guy (JFG appeared to be as impressed with these as we were!  However, we cannot agree with his comment that these Goldfish Puffs taste anything remotely close to Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Puffs.)

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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