REVIEW: Late July Organic – Red Hot Mojo Multigrain Chips

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Late July Organic - Red Hot Mojo


Finally, some mojo that Agent Powers can really get behind…….”Red Hot Mojo, yeah baby!”

Whomever Late July Organic has designing their wonderfully, colorful, line-up of chip bags for them, has really outdone themselves.  In fact, this Red Hot Mojo bag is so tasteful that we almost didn’t want to open it.  But, then we thought about it for a second and chips are destined to be eaten.  It’s part of the circle of chip-life.  Who are we to take that from them?  Plus, finding a frame deep enough to fit the entire bag into, was more than we wanted to tackle on an empty stomach.

Chip Review has always had a lot of respect for the little companies that work hard to produce a chip that is both healthy, but it’s even better when they are tasty.  Late July Organic’s Red Hot Mojo Multigrain Chips would definitely be considered on the healthier end of the spectrum, and they are certainly tastier than some.  The multigrain (tortilla) chips had an ample amount of textural grains running through them, while still exuding a light, airy and crispy texture.

The Red Hot Mojo aspect of these chips was a bit of a mystery to us prior to eating them.  Were they going to be extremely red hot spicy? Were they going to taste like mojo (which we know as the tasty traditional Cuban garlic citrus sauce), or did they just have a lot of chip swagger?  Well, the vibrantly red multigrain chips, pretty much live up to the red hot half of their equation.  The chips themselves are very red in color, which we believe to be due to the use of crushed red pepper, and the addition of beet juice into the multigrain dough.  The chips also have small pieces of real diced jalapenos baked into the chips, delivering an amply, rich chile heat and depth, that builds and builds in the backs of our throats, but did not do much for upfront flavor.

As for these chips’ mojo, we just couldn’t seem to really find it.  The chips were definitely not referring to the Cuban garlic citrus sauce, and mojo certainly must not mean salt, or seasoning, because if that was the case, than these chips would be called anti-mojo, or un-mojo’d – in other words, someone needs to loosen their grips from the salt shaker, and live a little!  In the end, we’re guessing that mojo must be referring to “mo(re) jo(kes)”, cause we’ve got endless amounts of them….ha ha…ha.  We’ll be here all night, eating chips of course!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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