REVIEW: Chester’s – Flamin’ Hot Popcorn

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Top Secret Internal (hypothetical) Press Release from Frito Lay Headquarters:

“Here’s an idea, rather than try to be creative, and waste loads of money to reinvent the flavor wheel, let’s just utilize an already universally accepted and well liked flavor, widespread across all of our many brands??  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Duh!”

Sometimes we find it very difficult to keep track of, and also recognize, all of the differences between, Frito Lay’s many incarnations of spicy flavors.  There are of course Flamin’ Hot (featured here), but also, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Flamas, Fiery Fushion, Spicy, Fiery, Blazin, and so on, and so on, and….  Two flavors in particular, these Flamin’ Hot, along with Tapatio Hot Sauce, seem to have ran the gamut of Frito Lay brands of snacks.  Some have certainly worked better than others, which is because of course certain flavors tend to work with certain snack mediums better than others.

We have been trying to pin point exactly what the Flamin’ Hot recipe always includes, but apparently it transforms and adjusts according to what brand of snack it is on.  First, we were going to proclaim that Flamin’ Hot seasoning seems to always include cheese powder as an ingredient of the Flamin’ Hot recipe .  And, we were thinking that maybe this is due to the fact that Flamin’ Hot originated as a Cheetos flavor, and Cheetos, in and of themselves, are naturally (we use that word loosely here) cheesy.  So, that would make the Flamin’ Hot recipe a cheesy recipe despite no declaration of being so.  However, then we thought back to Flamin’ Hot Fritos, and Flamin’ Hot Funyuns, and neither of those two snacks included cheese within their Flamin’ Hot seasoning.

We we ended up deciding on, was that Flamin’ Hot seasoning on its own is simply a spicy blend of ingredients, however when it is used with any of Cheetos, or Chester’s, snacks, it then combines with their usual cheesy selves to create a tasty Cheesy-Flamin’ Hot hybrid!  Recipe definition solved, time for a snack.

We really love the Flamin’ Hot flavor recipe.  The spicy cheese seasoning blend is delicious.  We especially like how it is not a vinegary hot sauce flavor, but rather a hot & spicy chile, mingling with a salty cheese!  Chester’s popcorn is light, and crunchy, but there is not too much to it.  In fact, the popcorn doesn’t have much body, or substance, especially to withstand the Flamin’ Hot flavor onslaught!  Due to this, Chester’s Popcorn may just be the hottest example from Frito Lay’s brands that utilize the Flamin’ Hot flavor.  The popcorn tries its best to battle with the spicy flavor but in the end is no match, and simply succumbs to just being a delivery machine for the Flamin’ Hot seasoning.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Chester’s – Flamin’ Hot Popcorn

  1. I am in the vending business. Where do I buy a case of your smaller size FlamingHot Popcorn, Funyons, and or Hot fries without it being in a variety pack? Sam’s Club sells them together as a pack. Not the individual cases though. My customers enjoy the popcorn mostly. I reside in Lithia Springs, GA

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