REVIEW: Nabisco Chip Star – Nori-Shio (Seaweed Salt) Potato Chips (Japan)

Rating: ©© chips  (tolerable)

Nabisco Chip Star - (Nori Shio) Seaweed & Salt


A little while back we reviewed Chip Star’s Ceasar Salad flavored potato chips, and just like with those, these Nori-Shio flavored chips are unique, from Japan and ultimately unappetizing.

Chip Star’s potato chips come in a canister similar to that of Pringles, and their crispy texture is also very, very similar to Pringles.  However, unlike Pringles, these chips are not very flavorful, and certainly not salty.  Huh?!?  The flavor Nori Shio literally translates to Seaweed Salt.  So, how can these chips not be salty?  First of all, salt is salty.  Secondly, seaweed = weeds that live in the salty sea.  Is it not fair then to assume that these chips should at the very least be heavily salted?

In the end, the only redeeming characteristic of these chips are their ultra subtle, practically unrecognizable, earthy, sort of mushroom-truffle essence.  Which must represent the seaweed aspect.  Like we said, very unique.

On that note, we must sign off, and leave it up to you to chime in.  Do you agree or disagree, make sure to let us know?  Have you tried these?  Been to Japan?  Love seaweed?

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