REVIEW: Calbee – Garlic Potato Chips (Japan)

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Calbee - Garlic


Unbelievable garlic city chip man!!  Garlic depths to which we have never even imagined reaching or tasting before!  Obviously, the Japanese chip company Calbee has a different idea from us about the natural amount of garlic that any human should consume, let alone enjoy, in any way, shape, or form!

Without a doubt, we can tell you that these are easily the strongest garlic flavored chips (anything) that we have ever tasted.  For a split second we’re fairly certain that each and everyone of us at Chip Review wondered to themselves, “are these super garlicky flavored potato chips, or are we actually eating fried garlic chips/?!?” After a bit of investigative work, we settled on the flavored potato chips.

Calbee’s potato chips were extra crispy, medium thin, medium sized, with many folds and squiggles throughout them.  The chips’ seasoning definitely encompassed some hints of soy that added a very welcome richness and depth of flavor; and probably most importantly, some neutralization to the spicy garlic barrage.  The potato chips were slightly greasy, but tasty and crispy nonetheless.

In the end, we just simply could not sit down and enjoy an entire bag of these chips.  They are flavorful, and tasty (to a certain extent), but we would probably enjoy them more as an addition to something…like on a sandwich, or with some dip.  Wow, could we ever use a breath mint!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chip Ratings Scale:

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©© tolerable

©©© – notable

©©©© – lip-smacking

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