REVIEW: McClure’s – Garlic Dill Pickle Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

McClure's - Garlic Dill Pickle Potato Chips


We may have told you once already, but in case you didn’t catch that other review, or you just somehow forgot, we are pretty sure that it was none other Ted Allen, of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ (and formerly ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’), who chose McClure’s hand sliced pickles as one of the ‘Best Things (he) Ever Ate’.  So, years ago we gave them a try, and they quickly became a favorite of ours!  So, when we learned that the gurus behind some of the world’s greatest pickles, decided to take what they knew about pickles, and apply it to the greatest snack flavor delivering medium in the world, known as chips, we were very, very excited!!

Of course our hopes were very high for these chips, just like they were for McClure’s Spicy Pickle Crinkle Cut Potato Chips, and in the end, maybe they were too high. First, and by far foremost, McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickle Crinkle Cut Potato Chips definitely bring the for real rilly-dilly-dill.  If you are like us, than this powerful presence of herb-y dill is a very welcome addition.  The chips have a minimally decent level of garlic and salt coating them, and a very miniscule surprise appearance by a touch of zippy red pepper oil.  As good as those components may sound together, there was also something just as equally off-putting about the seasoning on these chips.  We really could not identify what it was, but we would describe it as a harshness, and abrupt background flavor that rubs our taste buds us the wrong way.

Just like with their Spicy Pickle chips probably the best aspect of McClure’s crinkle cut potato chips are their large, mostly unbroken, wide ripple and potato-flavorful chips themselves.  Their crunch was a wee bit too brittle and subtle in our opinion, but the classicly rustic, dark, charred edges added a great dimension and flavor to the chips.

Unfortunately, despite all of the good that they have going on, the potato chips simply can’t compete, or withstand, the onslaught from indistinguishable and disconcerting background flavor.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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