REVIEW: Pringles Limited Time Only! – Pecan Pie

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Pringles - Pecan Pie


What do we have here?!?  A new, unique addition to Pringles seasonal line-up of holiday sweets inspired potato crisps!!  Pringles Pecan Pie potato crisps join the likes of last year’s boundary pushing Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon & Sugar, & White Chocolate Peppermint flavors.

And, just like with those other flavors, these pecan pie crisps, have split Chip Review(ers) right down the proverbial flavor middle, and opinions are all across the board!  However, this time around, the tables have turned, and those reviewers who were fans of last year’s sweet flavors cannot stand these crisps, and of course vice versa for those reviewers who were not…

First of all, the major difference between these pecan pie crisps, and the three flavors from last year is that those flavors were sweet crisps, with a certain level of saltiness added to them – they were “challenging, and original” because they were sweet and salty potato crisps.  What we have this time around, are some very unexpected, sweet and SAVORY crisps.  Truth be told, for the initial few fleeting seconds, the pecan pie crisps triggered memories of Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Chicken & Waffle potato chips – which is of course in no way a bad thing!!

So, some of us here loved the sweet and salty and savory combination, mixed with just the right amount of pecan pie seasonings to puzzle our taste buds, but yet still let us know we’re supposed to be eating, and hopefully enjoying, Pringles potato crisps.  While others of us were absolutely turned off by what our taste buds were experiencing.

Right off the bat – BUTTER!!  A wave of delicious, and savory butter flavor that evoked thoughts of pecan pie’s rich, shiny, butter glazed pecan topping.  Truthfully, the butter flavor was on the verge of tasting fake, but one quick glance to the ingredients list on the back confirmed it, these crisps do indeed have butter on them.  However, beyond the butter, most of the other particular flavors were very difficult to pinpoint.  The sweetness aspect in this case appeared to have been delivered using molasses, which must be what actually triggered our initial thoughts of Lay’s C&W chips, but do not very well provide that rich and creamy pecan pie filling flavor.

In the end, do the crisps taste like pecan pie?  Not really.  Pecan pie should evoke thoughts of a comforting juxtaposition of smooth and crunchy textures, with some nutty, sweet, salty and savory flavors.  Pringles Pecan Pie Potato Crisps do evoke thoughts of sweet and salty butter, combined with crunchy potato crisps!

As with most things these days, the new savory sweet combo was loved by some, and revolted by others!  However, one thing we all could agree on at Chip Review was that we were definitely thankful to Pringles for continuing to push the flavor boundaries, and challenge the conventional thoughts of what flavors should, and can, go onto salty, crunchy snacks!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chip Ratings Scale:

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©© tolerable

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