REVIEW: Market Pantry – Pumpkin Shaped Cheesy Potato Puffs

Rating: ©©© chips  (notable)

Market Pantry - Pumpkin Shaped Potato Puffs


Just in time for everyone’s favorite spooky holiday parties, Market Pantry has released the ultimate Halloween crunchy-salty snack!

First off, Pumpkin Shaped?  And, low and behold these did not disappoint!  Their shape, and color, were undeniably reminiscent of a pumpkin.  Only, kinda-sorta like a hollow pumpkin ring!  Which can of course mean only one thing, that’s right, we tried on each and everyone of our pumpkin potato puffs before popping their little pumpkin shapes into our mouths!

Secondly, Cheesy POTATO Puffs?!?  Key word combo here is of course Potato + Puff!!  Not to be confused with the more commonly traditional corn puffs.  So, what exactly is a potato puff?  We hear puffs, and we of course automatically think light, fluffy, crispy, melt-in-our-mouths corn puffs… Well, apparently, pumpkin shaped potato puffs are nothing like that!  They are basically the opposite!  Dense, hefty, very crunchy, potato rings, that most certainly do not melt in our mouths!  In other words, we are not huge fans of the potato puff.  The potato puffs sort of remind us of popped potato crisps.  The bright orange cheese powder that coats each pumpkin shape is ultra salty, and only relatively cheesy!  Although, a bit tasty, certainly not the best flavor combination.

We get it, these are creative, and crunchy, and an especially great treat for Halloween.  We are even contemplating handing these out (combined with Paqui’s Haunted Chips) to all of the kiddos who stop on by Chip Review headquarters during their trick or treat adventures!

Happy Halloween to all!!!!!

For another perspective on these make sure to check out Junk Food Guy’s opinion.  Funny thing is, that is sort of what we think about them overall as well.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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