REVIEW: Middleswarth – Jalapeno Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Middleswarth - Jalapeno Potato Chips


We were turned onto Middleswarth brand of potato chips by good friend of Chip Review’s who himself received a recommendation from another buddy, who….you know how the story goes!  Either way, the initial party, the one who started the “rumor”of Middleswarth potato chips being top of the line, must have either had a personal love for them (ie. grew up with them), or their family owned the Middleswarth family business!

Well, it just so happens that if you look back on our other Middleswarth potato chip reviews thus far, we have been less than thrilled with the majority of their chips we have tasted; in other words, we do not feel the same as that friend of a friend of a friend feels about these chips!!  However, luckily for us, with each Middleswarth bag of chips more that we taste, we continue to recognize quality improvement, and feel like there could possibly be a great bag of chips lurking somewhere amongst their chip family (and these seem to be, as good as they get!).

Probably our favorite aspect of Middleswarth’s Potato Chips is their simple, retro packaging.  Plain, bold and to the point.  Their bags evoke memories of childhood, before graphics were so realistic and detailed.  Certainly a simpler time, with fewer chip choices!

Middleswarth potato chips, due to their old school choice of using shortening as their frying agent, exhibit a rather heavy mouth feel and texture.  Definitely no fresh, crispy, light and crunchy definition for these potato chips.  If you’ve never tasted potato chips that use shortening over the more modern and common vegetable oil combination for their frying, then you have no idea of that peculiar flavor and texture that the shortening imparts onto their potato chips (it is absolutely unmistakable).

Middleswarth Jalapeno Potato Chips have a very decent, real jalapeno flavor.  We can actually taste lots of spicy dried jalapeno seasoning / powder.  The heat does a lot for these chips, while not necessarily burning our mouths.  The rest of the seasoning has loads of flavor from an msg, garlic, and onion combination!  In the end, we would describe these chips as very savory!  No hint of sweetness anywhere to be found, simply fatty, salty, and spicy.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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