REVIEW: Late July Organic – Sub Lime Multigrain Chips

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Late July Organic - Sub Lime


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, whomever Late July Organic has designing their wonderfully, colorful, line-up of chip bags for them, has really outdone themselves.  The bags are so intricately detailed, and so vibrantly designed, that we may just go ahead and call them the best looking bags in the industry!

At first sniff, we smelled no hint of any citrus-y flavors; only the fresh masa from the multigrain tortilla chips themselves.  The multigrain chip dough was scattered with a welcome presence of (the recently super-popular super-food) chia seeds, that added a wonderfully nutty, textural difference, as well as, a noticeably visual addition to them.  The triangle tortilla chips had soft, rounded edges, with a very fresh and light, crispy crunch.  In other words, the chips themselves were very good!

Unfortunately, as far as the flavoring went, we’re not sure of how much sour lime flavor we are really tasted!  At first we thought we may have just sampled a few of the lighter seasoned chips, but after we were about half we through the bag, we knew that the chips simply did not encompass the level of sour, acidic notes we were expecting.  One Chip Reviewer wondered if the ‘Sub Lime’ stood for below average lime flavor?  According to the back of the bag: “The taste of real lime is light, fresh…That’s why we bake real organic lime right into our SubLime tortilla chips, so the lingering flavor is like fresh squeezed lime”

Well, we now understand where the lack of lime flavor is coming from.  Late July Organics have tried to bake the organic lime flavor directly into the tortilla chip dough, but in the end the result was certainly a lack of lime flavor.  The bright, fresh, citrus-y, sour has all but disappeared, probably evaporated, and what we are left with, is an overall lack of, lime flavor!

Luckily, the multigrain chips are so tasty on their own, and most importantly, were coated with a liberal amount of salt (don’t believe the lightly salted on the front of the bag).  Some of the chips even had an extra decent amount of salt!!!  Lastly, can we just admit that we did not catch the cleverness of this flavor title until seeing it written as one word on the back of the bag!  Clever, clever, clever!  Like we said before, so much thought goes into the marketing and design of Late July Organic’s chips.

SubLime (sublime) – get it?!?  Brilliant.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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