REVIEW: Doritos Dinamita – Fiery Habanero

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Doritos Dinamita - Fiery Habanero


What do we have here?!?  Doritos has decided to take one of our most favorite flavors from years ago (Original Fiery Habanero), and combined it with what are most definitely some of our least favorite type of snacks of all-time (Rolled Corn Snacks (aka taquitos, flaquitos, takis, you name it…)!

Luckily for all, the end result is lip-smacking, and mouth burning!  We can say without a doubt that this flavor is the best that we have tried from the Doritos Dinamita line-up, in fact, from any rolled tortilla chips.  Similar to some other habanero flavored rolled corn snacks we reviewed a while back, only just not quite as texturally tasty!  Still, these Dinamita are nothing to scoff at, and they’ve even got us rethinking our position towards those crunchy tubular rolled tortilla chips!

Doritos Dinamita seem to be mimicking the illustrious gas station snack the taquito.  As many of you may very well know, we do not have a great history with the rolled tortilla chip genre.  In our opinion, despite their often delicious seasoning, they are too dense, too crunchy-hard, and while we are nit-picking, their shape does not allow us to really give them a good lick across any large, flat chip surface the way we traditionally like to (it’s our top secret technique!).  We actually get a little scared before each bag of rolled corn snacks that we eat, assuming that sooner or later we are going to crunch down on the hard rolled corn snack, and it is going to jab right into the roof of our mouth!

Where these Fiery Habanero chips really differ from other habanero chips out there is the addition of cheese into the mix.  That’s right, you heard us correctly, there’s cheese in them there ingredients.  Not one, but two types; and they most certainly add a tasty depth of salty smoothness to the concoction!  Combined with hints of of garlic, spices, onion, and lots of that mouth burning acid that Frito Lay loves to use, and we’ve got ourselves some delectably spicy Dinamitas!  The funniest part is that we actually did not even notice that habanero was no where to be found within the ingredients’ list.  Granted, there was the always ambiguous “spices” present, so we’ll just assume that it was included in there; that, and the fact that we honestly felt like we tasted a bit of habanero in there.

Before we go, can we just take a moment to admire how vibrantly colorful the bag above really is?!  Let’s just say, that we didn’t have to look twice to spot these on the supermarket shelf!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Jewel Osco; Westchester, Illinois

Pringles Official Website

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Doritos Dinamita – Fiery Habanero

  1. Yeah, what gives? Wal-Mart gave us the original habanero Doritos in Jacksonville NC, just long enough for people to get addicted to them and then they yanked them off the shelves. Now, they don’t even carry these Dinamitas at all. We’re talking about a military area whose main food staple is hot sauce and the hotter the better! In order to get them, I have to order them through Wal-Mart and we all know in what shape our orders arrive from Wal-Mart. Chips of any kind don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell!

  2. I’m from the Washington, DC area and the first week these chips came out, I tried both. The Fiery Habanero and the Chille Limon. The Fiery Habanero is the best and I can’t find them anywhere. I’m starting to do crazy things, like drive all over looking for them. I’ve eaten my share of chips in my day, but nothing has grabbed me like these Fiery Habanero chips. This must be what a crack feind fells like.

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