REVIEW: Deano’s Jalapenos – Ranch Jalapeno Chips

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Deano's Jalapenos - Ranch Jalapeno Chips


A while back, we reviewed both the original Deano’s Sea Salt, and Cheddar Jalapeno chips, and we definitely thought they were tasty, and practically, unbearably, lip-scorching!  Well, luckily for us, we saved Deano’s best rendition for last!!  First of all, we must warn you straight off that you better make sure to grab your bottles of milk, and your icy popsicles before tackling these chips!  These chips are not for spicy food amateurs, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!!  In fact, if we are being honest here, Deano’s Jalapeno Chips are very close to being too spicy for even us to enjoy!

Deano’s Jalapeno Chips “…are the brainchild of Doehne “Deano” Duckworth, owner of The Cactus Café in Stowe, Vermont. As jalapeno-flavored potato chips became more popular on the market, Duckworth thought, why not skip the potato part and make chips out of the jalapenos themselves?  He used the Cactus as a tasting ground, with loyal customers acting as testers and food critics as he perfected the recipe. The chips are still handmade in small batches and packaged in re-sealable bags for restaurant-quality flavor that can be enjoyed anywhere.” (

The chips themselves are thin slices of jalapeno chile peppers, dusted in cornstarch, and fried just like traditional potato chips.  The result is unlike any other chips we have tried on the market.  After the initial, creamy tang from the ranch seasoning, the jalapeno flavor takes over and commands most of the attention with its authentic, and powerful vegetal flavor.  The chip’s texture reminds us a lot of those crunchy, fried onion straws that our grandmothers were always sprinkling all over their comforting casseroles that we grew up on in Northern Minnesota.  Don’tcha know!

The tangy, herbal, ranch seasoning complimented the jalapeno chips very nicely.  These were definitely the most balanced from Deano’s trio of jalapeno chips.  And, whereas we felt like the cheddar cheese seasoning didn’t really do anything to subdue the natural heat of the jalapeno chips, the ranch seasoning was able to help withstand some of the tongue burning.  Of the three flavors, the ranch were the only chips we went back to and enjoyed on their own.  Whereas with the sea salt and cheddar flavors, we simply used the remainder of those bags as garnishes for cheeseburgers and brats – which we would definitely recommend.

So, while Deano’s Jalapeno Chips won’t be stealing a spot from any of our most favorite jalapeno flavored chips any time soon, we can most definitely see why they were “Ranked #1 for “most unique” spicy snack food at the 2010 Scovie Awards, the world’s leading recognition for hot and spicy products.” (

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Chip provided to Chip Review from Deano’s Jalapenos for review

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