REVIEW: Ruffles Deep Ridged – Bacon & Cheddar Loaded Potato Skins Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Ruffles Deep Ridged - Bacon & Cheddar Loaded Potato Skins

Ruffles, will your quest for the ultimate ridged potato chips ever be complete?!  How deep must your ridges dive to satisfy your wavy urges?  This ridge-sanity must end!!  However, in the meantime, we will gladly crunch away at your Deep Ridged potato chips!!

Correct us if we are wrong, but has Ruffles simply re-branded their line of Ultimate potato chips, under the new moniker Deep Ridged?  And, are “ridges 2X as deep” even more deep than “now with deeper ridges?!?”  Who’s in charge around here?!  “Ruffles have Ridges”, but now those ridges have become 2X’s deeper, and consequently, the most wavy-ridged chips that we have ever laid our lips on.  Wow!  So deep in fact, that our tongues could barely reach the bottoms of their potato chip canyons!

Hold on here!  Stop the Chip Review-ing presses!!  Now we are positive that we already reviewed these chips, but under the ‘Ultimate’ brand?!!  At least with Ruffles Deep Ridged Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Hot Wings flavor, Ruffles was bringing us a new flavor.  Well, since Ruffles can do it, why can’t we.  See below for our description of both Ruffles Ultimate, and Deep Ridged, Bacon & Cheddar Loaded Potato Skins:

Like all of the flavors before them, these chips do not go lightly on the seasoning, however, the flavor recipe is only satisfactory at best.  All of the necessary flavor components are present, but together, the combination, underwhelms.  We taste a lot of smooth sour cream, some bland cheddar cheese, some onion, representing the chives, and then of course, the fake, sweet, smoky and salty bacon aspect (that always reminds us of Baco Bits).

One small detail, or issue, that a handful of us at Chip Review had with these chips, was something we like to call “false advertising”.  Maybe more accurately, “slightly misleading advertising”.  You see, there has to be some reason that Ruffles would deliberately enlarge and highlight the two ingredients BACON & CHEDDAR apart from the Loaded Potato Skins flavor name.  Why?  Because those two ingredients are the best!  And, Ruffles had us believe that were to be accentuated and emboldened, but alas, the chips are simply fake smoky, sour cream and cheddar potato chip.  Eatable yes, but not very reminiscent of the warm, fatty, cohesive, and ultra comforting loaded potato skins!

In the end, regardless of whether Ruffles calls them Deep Ridged or Ultimate, these potato chips are super wavy & rippled, and our mouths appreciate the textural playground!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Target; Hillside, Illinois

Ruffles Official Website

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