REVIEW: Snyder’s of Hanover – Nacho Grande Korn Krunchers

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Snyder's of Hanover - Nacho Cheese Korn KrunchersAfter devouring and loving Snyder’s lip-smacking Hot Chili Lime flavored Korn Krunchers we thought that the nacho cheese variation was a shoe in to knock our socks off!  As we all know, nacho cheese flavor and corn based chips are a match made in heaven!  And yet, for one reason or another, the Nacho Grande flavor simply did not jive with the Korn Krunchers as harmoniously as the Hot Chili Lime flavor did!

By now, you have certainly read our words at one point or another proclaiming Snyder’s of Hanover (SOH) as the “timeless masters of hard sour dough pretzel snacks” (and just so we are clear here, that is us, quoting ourselves).  SOH’s Pretzel Pieces technique is a thing of delicious genius and beauty, and rather than remain content, and simply ride the crunchy coat tails of their popular pretzel products, Snyder’s has decided to go  against all forms of rational thinking, and release some “boldly flavored corn snacks” aptly called Korn Krunchers!  So, without further ado, we ask you: what the heck are these things?!?

At first glance, based on the snapshot from the front of the packaging, we would have to say that these Korn Krunchers look exactly like Snyder’s deliciously broken Pretzel Pieces.  For any of you out there who are somehow unfamiliar with Snyder’s of Hanover’s Pretzel Pieces let us explain to you our perfect scenario beliefs regarding the crunchy pretzel pieces.  In an ideal world, SOH would resourcefully use their leftover, broken during the manufacturing process, pretzel pieces to creatively provide us with these tasty bites (unlikely scenario, we know)!  The most impressive aspect of the “broken” pieces, is how their exposed porous, bread-y structure willfully absorb an ample amount of whatever flavoring SOH is applying.

Well, one glance into this bag and our initial thoughts are reaffirmed, these Korn Krunchers do look identical to the Pretzel Pieces.  Practically no visual difference at all!  In fact, one more glance at the ingredient’s list on the back of the bag shows that, low and behold, the first ingredient for these Krunchers is not actually corn, but flour!  That’s right F-L-O-U-R, that magical grain that bread-y creations, like say P-R-E-T-Z-E-L-S are made of.  Yet, despite all of similarities, we are thrilled to report that the self declared ‘crunchy nuggets’ are truly a unique creation all their own!

The Korn Krunchers initial mouth texture produced a hard, sturdy crunch just like the Pretzel Pieces do, but after a few more chews, their more rustic texture appeared.  Combine that with an impressively strong corn presence, reminiscent of delicious, fresh corn tortillas, and we’ve got a new snack unlike any other.  After a few (OK, a bunch) more handfuls, and chews, and swallows, it became apparent that the corn-pretzel hybrids actually have quite a grainy texture to them, reminiscent of a good corn bread.

The Nacho Grande seasoning was very flavorful.  The blend balanced a combination of zesty and spicy vegetal jalapeno notes, with plenty of salty nacho cheese powder, and sufficient amounts of supporting flavor from tomato, garlic and onion as well.  SOH’s nacho variation was really delicious, but for some reason (one we can’t pinpoint), the Nacho Grande seasoning just didn’t work as well with the Korn Krunchers as the Hot Chili Lime flavor did.

All and all, we love the aspect of these tasty new corn creations, and can’t wait to taste, and review, the barbeque flavor as well.

For some other thoughts, check out Junk Food Guy’s review.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Jewel Osco; Westchester, Illinois

Snyder’s of Hanover Official Website

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