REVIEW: Covered Bridge – Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning Old Fashioned Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©-3/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Covered Bridge - Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning Old Fashioned Kettle Style Potato ChipsOh Canada!  Oh Covered Bridge!  We stand and applaud your Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning chips!  Yeah, you’re right, our sweet melody won’t be replacing the Canadian national anthem anytime soon, but we can tell you with utmost certainty that you should be replacing whatever you are eating right now with some of these lip-smacking potato chips!!

Truth be told, these chips, or more accurately, their deliciousness, came as a complete surprise to us.  Straight from left field, or more like, from Canada.  Little did we know that hiding inside this simply designed bag were some of the best tasting chips of 2014!

So, what exactly is Montreal Steak Seasoning Spice?  From the looks of the front of this bag it consists of two spice containers (appropriately labeled “spice”), some onion, garlic and tomato, and some flames and a giant steak.  Some of our tasters were thinking that the flavor may taste like steak itself, but based on the ingredients listed on the back of the bag, Covered Bridge seems to be keeping the recipe close to their chest.  Garlic is listed, and of course there is salt, but beyond that is simply the always illusive “spices”.  In our opinion, Montreal Steak Seasoning Spice is not very far removed from most salt and pepper flavored chips.  In fact, that is exactly what it is.  An amp’d up, or an elevated, salt and pepper variation.

The flavor starts with loads of the classic black and white spices, followed closely by hints of garlic and onion, and it even seemed like there was a little spicy heat hidden in there at the finish.  Yep, no doubt about it, when we were finally able to stop eating these chips for a second, there was definitely a light burn on our tongues and in our mouths (granted, this could possibly be from the loads of pepper being used).

While Covered Bridge’s Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning is certainly a more than acceptable seasoning blend, it is not what set these chips apart from the masses.  What exactly is it that catapults them into the illusive, nearly perfect, chip rating territory?  Plain and simple, the potato chips themselves!!!  These are SUPERB potato chips. On the thinner side, extra light and crispy, with a very substantial and prominent real potato flavor. The russet Burbank potatoes lend a darker color, with a rich, and rustic potato flavor. Some may even consider the chips burnt, but just like with Better Made’s Rainbow Dark Potato Chips, they are simply delicious!  The dark potato provides some uniquely nutty, and smoky “burnt” flavor profiles that we are simply suckers for.  If you’ve never tried dark potato chips, you should really seek them out!

Probably our only gripes with these chips, and we are nitpicking here of course, are that there were quite a few crumbs at the bottom of the bag (possibly due to how thin the chips are, or perhaps the fact that they traveled all of the way from the frozen tundra to the North). We also think that the salt level could be turned down just a touch. Don’t get us wrong, you know we love salt. Probably our most common complaint, other than chips tasting disgusting, would be that they are under seasoned. However, these chips are really, really close to being too salty!

Lastly, in case you were wondering, Covered Bridge Potato Chip’s factory is located in Hartland, New Brunswick, which is the home of the world’s longest covered bridge.  And we were wondering where the name came from – problem solved.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at World Market; Oak Brook, Illinois

Covered Bridge Chip Official Website

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