REVIEW: Larry The Cable Guy – Biscuits & Gravy Potato Chips

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Larry the Cable Guy - Bicuits & GravyLarry The Cable Guy is once again back with two more new summer flavors for us to enjoy.  Mr. Cable Guy’s initial Tater Chip release a couple of years ago seemed to encompass a bar food theme to them, with flavors such as cheese burger and fried dill pickle.  With last summer’s release of two additional flavors, Larry appeared to be targeting an outdoors-y, picnic-barbeque theme?!  We were hoping that we would also be seeing some hot dog, or possibly bratwurst, or maybe even sweet corn flavored chips also released to further accentuate the theme.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Summer of 2014, and once again two new flavors from everyone’s favorite cartoon tow truck.  What’s the theme this time you ask?  Well, although it was a bit more difficult to nail down, we’ve decided to go with “ultra comfort food”, and feel like that description accurately encompasses both flavors.  Those two flavors are Biscuits & Gravy and Chili Cheese Fries.  Does the theme fit?

Although we more often than not try to taste the flavor that we are least interested in first (which would have been the chili cheese fries), we simply could not help ourselves with these ones.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  Bisuits & Gravy!  Really?!  How is it possible that this has not been attempted before?  The combination seems like a no-brainer to work with potato chips, but can it be executed correctly?

Let’s just say…WOW!  Really wow!  These potato chips, believe it or not, taste just like biscuits & gravy.  Rich, smooth, creamy, salt and pepper spotted, buttermilk gravy flavor.  As for biscuits?  Who knows.  Maybe the buttermilk flavor helps portray that aspect of the combo a little bit, but really all we can pinpoint for sure is that these potato chips taste like delicious gravy!  And may we just say, the black pepper kick continues to creep up the backs of our throat and build upon itself a bit, delivering a little kick.

As for Larry’s potato chips, they are on the thinner side, and many of the chips still have their skins on them.  Really they are just good old, “real” potato chips with a crispy, yet soft crunch.  The chips provide a delicious potato flavor, and a perfect delivery device for the biscuits and gravy seasoning.

All in all, another creative and very well executed snack from the guy who really seems to know how to ‘get’r done!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Larry The Cable Guy – Biscuits & Gravy Potato Chips

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  3. I finally found a bag at the store (and it was the last bag too). I am a real biscuits and gravy lover and your review really sums it up “WOW! Really Wow!” I went to Amazon and this flavor is the only flavor they do not sell… Why Amazon?

    • @ Babette – we’re not sure? Have you tried contacting them?? We know they can be ordered off their website.

      6500 LABEAUX AVE NE STE E120
      ALBERTVILLE, MN 55301
      MON-SAT: 10AM-9PM, SUN: 10AM-7PM

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