REVIEW: Pringles Limited Time Only! – White Chocolate

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Pringles - White ChocolateAll New!  Limited Time Only! Pringles White Chocolate Potato Crisps!  Available to us just in the nick of time for our 4th of July festivities…. Wait! What’s that you say?!?  Oh, sorry about that, it appears as though we are a little behind on the reviewing times here.  Pringles White Chocolate were originally released just in time for a limited engagement during the 2013 holiday season (that makes more sense).  Truth be told we aren’t sure of the specifics but somehow we lost this can, and only recently discovered it at the bottom of the chip pile.  Luckily for all, the expiration date is far from being reached and better late than never!  Although, we’re sure that many of you out there are probably thinking “NEVER! Would be better than late” in the case of these Pringles!

How much further can Pringles possibly push their flavor boundaries?!? They have already brought us the likes of Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon & Sugar, White Chocolate Peppermint, Pecan Pie, and even Mint Chocolate Chip, which we didn’t even get to try out here in the states!  So, in comparison, this white chocolate flavor isn’t really that far out there.

Similar to the other holiday flavors, the white chocolate flavored crisps, sort of split Chip Review(ers) right down the proverbial flavor middle.  However, this time around, there were no real major detractors, only those who just weren’t fans of the crisps.  But, then there were those who really enjoyed the sweet white chocolate and salty combo!  In fact, dare we say it, but these are probably our most favorite among the weird holiday flavors released the over past two years.  Any guesses as to what Pringles may have up their sleeves for the 2014 holiday season?  Our money is on fruitcake or roast turkey & cranberry!

As for an accurate description of the flavor, all we really have to tell you is that these do not really taste like white chocolate.  And just so we are clear here, we are among the group that do not even recognize white chocolate as real chocolate.  White chocolate is simply a sweet, white, meltable by-product of real chocolate.  It should never be eaten on its own, and is only slightly tolerable when melted down and drizzled over salty pretzels.  Which may be why it works in this case.  The sweet creamy seasoning contrasts the salty potato crisps rather well.  Granted, they don’t have much complexity, they are plain and simple a sweet and salty potato crisp, that we would be more than happy to enjoy at our holiday parties!

For another, less enthusiastic review, check out Junk Food Guy.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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