REVIEW: Chester’s Poppers – BBQ Spirals

Rating: ©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)

Chester's Poppers - BBQ SpiralsDear Chester,

You are famous and loved for your cheesy connection to that most popular of all crunchy puff brands.  You are the cheetah that famously coined the classic saying “it ain’t easy being cheesy.”  You will forever be the poster boy for Cheetos!  So…what has happened?  Have the two of you split ways?  Were you feeling creatively stifled, and needed to branch out on your own?  All we can say is that there is a reason your relationship is an iconic one, and there is a reason why Cheetos are loved by millions world wide!


Chip Review

Now that we have that off of our chest, let’s get down to real brass tacks.  Chester recently released a new trio of snacks appropriately labeled Poppers.  Poppers because all three of the snacks are of the puffed, or popped, style; or possibly named Poppers for their ability to easily be popped into the mouths of the snackers.

In this case, the Popped BBQ Spirals were surprisingly made of potato rather than corn.  We assumed that with Chester’s connection to Cheetos that the spirals would most likely be made of puffed corn, and encompass that same lovely, melt-able, soft crunch texture that we all love.  But, apparently Chester is really trying to separate himself from Cheetos, and tread his own snack path.  Similar to other puffed potato snacks on the market, such as Cofresh’s Potato Grills, and Market Pantry’s Pumpkin Shaped Cheesy Potato Puffs, we are not that big of fans of these snacks.  The potato just does not deliver the same delicious texture.  These are definitely much more like fries than puffs.  Curly fries, that’s what they are.

The bbq seasoning that liberally coated each spiral was decent enough.  Not too sweet, not too tangy, not too spicy, not too smoky, not too anything really.  Pretty basic bbq flavor, and it worked well with the spirals.  We just were not wowed in any way, shape or form.

In the end, we really think it is best that Chester sticks to what he knows best – Cheetos, or at the very least things that begin with the letters C & H!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Spirals discovered at Target; Hillside, Illinois

Chester’s Snacks Official Website

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