REVIEW: Chex Mix Xtreme – Habanero Lime

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Chex Mix Xtreme - Habanero LimeThe Chex Family appears to be on a unique flavor renaissance as of late.  It started with the recent release of four different flavors of Chex Chips (which we were pretty big fans of).  And now, two new XTREME flavors of Chex Mix (stay tuned for our Sweet & Spicy Sriracha review soon).

Most of us here at Chip Review are from the generation raised on homemade Chex Mix!  There really was not much better than coming home to discover a giant roaster full of still warm from the oven Chex Mix.  All of those pieces deliciously saturated with unctuous amounts of butter and Worcestershire sauce, many of them still a bit soggy, never fully crisping up during the baking process.  So incredibly, and absolutely, delicious!  And while the Chex Mix that many kids these days are growing up with may seem miles away from that delicious homemade stuff, every once in a while Chex Mix comes up with something brand new and pleasantly surprises us!

Whoa, what the heck are these?!  The habanero lime flavor combo registered thoughts of Thai food with our tasters’ palettes.  The initial blast of strong citrus lime flavor combined with the chile, garlic and some sort of vegetal notes, brought us straight to our favorite Thai restaurants (we even thought we noticed the most subtle touch of fish sauce hidden somewhere deep in the background).  Oh, and yep, there is heat! Lots and lots of spicy habanero heat.  Not blow your mouth off, or among the hottest snacks out there heat.  More like a pleasantly surprised to actually be feeling and tasting habanero heat.  Bravo Chex, we really didn’t see it coming.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the choice of pieces in this specific mix. Of course there were the standard rice or corn chex pieces, and the pretzels, but this particular mix also included what we like to call bagel chips. Those thicker, dried out and crispy round discs of white bread.  However, the real kicker in this mix, were some deliciously crunchy puffed corn sticks. Think Cheetos, only a lighter white-ish yellow in color, minus any cheese, and seasoned with a habanero lime seasoning blend.  These were a really unique addition to the mix.

Like we said earlier stay tuned for our review of the other new Xtreme flavor Sweet & Spicy Sriracha coming soon (and further affirming our declaration that sriracha has been chosen as the flavor that every brand must include in their flavor arsenal).

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Jewel Osco; Westchester, Illinois

Chex Official Website

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One thought on “REVIEW: Chex Mix Xtreme – Habanero Lime

  1. I like this new flavor, but I was really disappointed by it at first. With it bring called “extreme habanero and lime”, I bought it fully expecting some extreme heat. I personally do not think there’s any heat in these things at all, and even my “heat wimp” sister didn’t find them at all hot. Still, the lime is pretty tasty and I like the new puffy pieces.

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